Timothy Lake Campout

Come ride with us!

This August 5th and 6th weekend Abraham Fixes Bikes and crew are heading up to Timothy Lake area for a bike campout and we’d love for you to join us!


We organized 3 options for folks wanting to ride up with us. All options generally have the same route, but there are some cool options to cut down the mileage and utilize public transit to get out of Portland. Once we get past the Clackamas reservoir and onto 4610, the route will be MOSTLY gravel and there once was a cool mud slide that has prevented most motorized vehicles from passing. It should be a mostly remote and quiet climb up to Timothy Lake!

Option 1:

Meet up at the shop at 8:00 am and take off around 8:30. Ride Springwater out to Boring, over to Estacada, then up the hill via 4610 and some other gems!

Option 2:

Catch the 8:00am Max out to Gresham Transit Center, ride the Springwater to Boring, a few more miles to Estacada, then up the hill via 4610 and some other gems! (see in resources below for Trimet info)

Option 3:

Catch the 8:00am Max to Clackamas Town Center and transfer to a bus to Estacada, then up the hill via 4610 and some other gems! (see in resources below for Trimet info)


The camping will be near or at Timothy lake and will be primitive but the site will be decided in the weeks to come!


We will be camping near water so it’s not necessary to carry water for camp. Water filters are very good ideas. Let us know if you need one, we’ve got extra.

The Return Route

Littleford Bicycles 3 day NoTech Tour with the Jolliest Kool Guy Frame builder Jon Littleford.


Abraham and Jon will be continuing on a 3-day-no-planz-no-digital-technology-with-lots-of-swimming-and-short-mileage-days-Odyssey. Please join us. We’d love to to know if’ll come with us but we really like last minute decisions. Join us for 1, 2 or 3 days or continue on somewhere else!


You worked for it! Now descend back to Ptown on Sunday either the way we came or take the Alt. Route Return on the side bar of this page. Its mostly paved and would make for a super speedy ride back to Ptown. However, keep in mind there will likely be way more car traffic.


New to gravel road riding/bike camping and not sure about it? Ask us questions!

Sag Wagon? We’ve got you covered! Drop your stuff at the shop in ONE duffel bag by Friday the 4th at 6:30 and we’ll have a car to carry a little up for you! Very limited space available so please email info@abrahamfixesbikes.com to snag a spot in this fancy wagon!

Trimet Info -

Option 2 PDF

Option 3 PDF

Groceries - If you forget anything in Portland, Harvest Market Grocery in Estacada can be hit up right before we leave for the forest.
Need extra camping gear? Let us know, we have lots of extras!
Supply List Recommendations -
PDF Here

Questions? Don’t hesitate to email us: info@abrahamfixesbikes.com