Meet Your Mechanics

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Abraham Sutfin

Abraham has owned AFB since 2010. He has been a bike mechanic since 2005 and taught mechanic classes at the United Bicycle Institute here in Portland. Current bike hobbies include mountain biking, frame and rack building and exploring the remote parts of the world on the bikes he makes.

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Dog Watson

Watson was born in Black Lake, WA and grew up mostly in Dundee, OR where he is a pro bird chaser at Abbey Ridge Vinyard. His favorite part of working with bikes is biting mountain bike front tires. Read all of Watson’s reviews here!!!

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Keaton Haire

Keaton has been riding bicycles for fun the majority of his life, and he began repairing bikes early on as a means of keeping that fun safely rolling. Having worked as a bicycle mechanic for eight years, he moved to Portland to further pursue the bicycle industry and worked in production at Chris King for the last year and a half. He is excited to be repairing bicycles again and loves exploring the Cascading countryside, mountain biking and playing bike polo.
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William Ruehle

William has been wrenching on and racing bicycles of all kinds since the age of 14. He's lived and ridden up and down the east coast and across the south, ending up in Portland three years ago. He's most at home riding mountain bike trails in the back-country, but gets a kick out of riding almost anything with wheels.