Abraham Fixes Bikes is proud to announce  the release of its latest project, Oregon Bike Touring. This site dedicated to encourage more biking holidays throughout your year. Its a resource for you and your friends. Please share it!

Bike Touring in the Oregon Outback


Abraham’s Philosophy

Here at Abraham Fixes Bikes, we love bicycles & we love riding them even more. We want everyone to ride bicycles and love riding them, too. Abraham Fixes Bikes believes that proper fit & a fine tuned bicycle are two of the most important contributors to being in love with riding your bike.

Please join us in our mission to love bicycle riding! No matter how much you would like to learn, we are here to build your relationship with the world of cycling. We never want our customers to feel inferior because they don’t have (or don’t think they have) the proper bicycle component knowledge (or proper pronunciation). Really, we want as many folks as possible riding bikes. You don’t have to know how to grow food to cook good food, don’t have to understand how a combustion engine works to drive a car, and the same goes for you & your bike.

Our goal is to provide precise, superior-quality mechanic work, always working hard to help our customers make the best use of their available budget while maintaining the same respect for all of our customers & their bicycle(s).

Abraham Fixes Bikes

Abraham Fixes Bikes